What electrical work can an electrician do?

What electrical work can an electrician do?

What electrical work can an electrician do?

Many of us may wonder what electrical work can an electrician do? Electrical work that an electrician can do includes from connecting an electric stove, installing a thermostat, replacing a hood to a complete renovation of an electrical installation. If you are looking for an electrician to do work at home or in your store, contact with the best company, 24gr.gr. In this article you can read about all the the work we undertake.

Hood replacement

With extensive experience in installing and replacing a hood, we undertake the installation of your hood. Whether it is sliding, built-in, chimney or ceiling, we undertake all the work from its installation, its electrical connection, the installation of the exhaust pipe, the perforation of the wall.

What you need to know to install the hood

Installation of a hood and all the necessary work needed. I undertake the installation of the hood, from the dismantling of the old one to the exhaust pipes. The biggest problem that customers face regarding the installation of the hood is that they do not find a technician to undertake the entire installation package. Read this article which contains detailed information and do not hesitate to call me even for information.

How is the hood installed briefly?

The following 3 steps are needed to install the hood:

  • Installing a hood on the wall or ceiling. Holes need to be made and screwed. In some cases there is a need to adapt to a closet.
  • Make the electrical connection
  • Install a pipe from the hood to the wall where a hole is made for air extraction. There are also activated carbon hoods, with a special filter that absorbs odours and water vapor, without the need for pipe installation.

Installation of room thermostat

We undertake the installation of the thermostat for heating. You can call us to give you information on what type of thermostat you can choose according to your needs. Whether it is a simple, analog or digital thermostat, or a Wi-Fi thermostat. Also ask us how you can choose the heating in your space remotely via Wi-Fi.

Room thermostat and what is needed

The room thermostat is a device that controls the “turning on and off” of the heating depending on the room temperature. In this article we give all the information about the installation of the thermostat and its peculiarities.

Types of thermostats

Simply put, there are two types of thermostats. One is analog and the other is digital. The digital room thermostat is more expensive than the analog one, if we compare two thermostats of the same company. The digital thermostat is much more accurate than the analog one because it essentially controls the room temperature digitally, with an electronic board.

Timer on the thermostat

Digital thermostats are roughly divided into two categories:

  1. the simple digital room thermostat
  2. programmable digital thermostat.

The programmable digital thermostat allows us to program when the heating will turn on or off. For example, one may want the heating from 08 in the morning until 12. And then turn it on again, after 19.00 until midnight. Additionally we may want to have other opening times for Saturday and Wednesday. All this is done with a programmable digital thermostat.

What electrical work can an electrician do?

Water heater thermostat replacement

We undertake the replacement of the thermostat of the water heater. Additionally that work is related to your water heater. The most common faults of the water heater are a damaged resistor or a damaged thermostat, burnt safety in the panel. In addition to classic faults, you can automate the water heater so that it opens and closes at specific times, or even switches off automatically.

Renovation of electrical installation

What do you need to know in an electrical renovation? Most people want to know the cost and what options are available to upgrade their home, shop or office.

Electrical installation costs: to make a correct calculation, you will need an accurate plan of what you want to do. In the following article I present the example of an apartment. Briefly, the cost of electrical installation in a home should include the panel, the installation (wiring) and the ground.

Steps for a Waste-Free Electrical Installation Renovation

  • Capturing needs (the clearer a plan is, the more you will avoid waste)
  • Digging
  • Buying materials  (no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, one has to “run” to buy materials where there are often shortages or changes, even delays from the supplier. For an electrician, working hours and “per diems” are lost.
  • Piping and wiring
  • Plasters and coatings in general
  • Installation of electrical panel
  • Installation of switches after the final painting

If you are not clear about where the sockets and switches will go, then it is certain that you will be derailed at the cost of both repairs and materials.  In most constructions waste is made due to misunderstanding between the carpenters both in time and in money. And more specifically because the owner – customer has not bothered to be clear with what he wants. (or the absence of the so-called foreman who coordinates the workshops, usually the architect or an engineer)

Smart House

If you want to turn your existing electrical installation of your space into a smart home, our electricians can offer you a series of specialized solutions without major changes in the installation. At the same time, if you are building a space from scratch, there are complete solutions to get a functional smart home or smart office.

How to make my home smart? An electrician can turn a small apartment into a smart home. This smart home will be used for rent through Airbnb. Regardless, it is a good example of what work we can do to turn our home into a smart home at relatively manageable costs.

Installation of voltage monitor and anti-lightning system

Panel over-voltage protection is extremely necessary. What is the reason; All electricity distribution networks of PPC and worldwide show voltage disturbances both under normal conditions and during emergencies. These voltage fluctuations can burn all the appliances in your home or shop that have boards.

Replacing switches

How to calculate the cost for sockets and switches? (sockets prices). Sockets and switches in a home, office or business space vary depending on the use. First, you need to do a count of the switches in your area and contact an electrician or visit an electrical store.

Hidden kitchen lighting and use of LED strip. Placing Led tape under the kitchen counter tops is one of the best solutions for clean and relaxing lighting in the kitchen. The best solution I suggest as an electrician and user is to have the choice between hot and cold lighting. There are times when we want to cook and look for bright lighting to “see” literally on the counter. Respectively there are times when we want to “relax” and the bright light is annoying.

In this dilemma, the LED strip gives us the solution where we can install 2 rows of lighting: one cold and one warm. And we choose which ones to light depending on the mood. If we turn on the two at the same time, we will simply have a strong light. Therefore we will have 3 tensions.

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