Quando Rondo & Crew Shot at After Show in Georgia That Only 50 People Attended

Quando Rondo & Crew Shot at After Show in Georgia That Only 50 People Attended

Quando Rondo had a pretty rough weekend. Not only was he forced to perform a concert in Georgia in which only 50 people attended, but right after that show, he and his crew were reportedly targeted in a shooting.

Police say the rapper and his entourage were shot at around 3:20 a.m. early Sunday morning (May 2) in Blackshear, Georgia at a convenience store parking lot located off a highway. Cops believe the shooter(s) fired from across the road or from the highway.

According to TMZ, Quando and his team were making a quick stop at the store and weren’t there long before shots were fired. Police don’t know whether Quando was hit because he wasn’t at the scene when authorities arrived, however, one person in his camp was shot in the hand and was treated a located hospital.

The shooting happened about 10 minutes from the nightclub where Quando performed Saturday night. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is reportedly investigating the case.

Interestingly, a fan spotted Quando at a gas station seemingly before the shooting and posted the video on social media.

As was previously reported, Quando Rondo and his crew were involved in a November shootout with King Von’s entourage outside an Atlanta nightclub. King Von was killed in the shooting and a member of Quando’s crew was arrested for felony murder.

Reports emerged over the weekend that Quando Rondo’s performance in Waycross, Georgia was attended by only 50 or so people, and video footage posted on social media seemed to confirm those reports.

“I ain’t gon’ lie. My shows really be deeper than this,” he told the crowd while on stage with what appeared to be more people than in the audience. “But I know a ni**a got a lot of shit going on, you feel me? But I still appreciate everybody who came out. I’ma rock this bitch like it’s 10,000 people in here.”

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During a recent Instagram Live session, Quando previously addressed the issues he’s been facing with booking shows since King Von was killed.

“I can’t do no shows ’cause y’all keep this internet shit going,” he said. “Every time I do get a show booked or something, the promoter calling back. ‘Oh, the police station threatening the venue. They saying if something go down I’ma lose my club license. Send my money back, this and that. Can we try this again in a couple months. Time heals everything.’ This ’cause of y’all folks.”

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Quando Rondo & Crew Shot at After Show in Georgia That Only 50 People Attended

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Trying to measure Return On Investment on your SEO efforts with calculator and list of costs.

How To Measure Return On Investment On Your SEO Efforts

Trying to measure Return On Investment on your SEO efforts with calculator and list of costs.

How To Measure Return On Investment On Your SEO Efforts

Return On Investment (ROI) is often mentioned as one of the best indicators that investments are justified. It’s an essential metric to determine how successful your business operations are and for agencies to demonstrate the results of their efforts to their employing companies. However, it can be harder to calculate results when it comes to SEO since they depend on numerous factors. Nevertheless, when you need to decide what marketing channels and SEO strategies give the best results, you will measure Return On Investment on your SEO efforts.

A few ways to measure Return On Investment on your SEO efforts

Generally speaking, SEO is constantly evolving. It provides businesses with a plethora of opportunities to improve their marketing strategy. But, this often ends in companies using several different approaches before deciding which one works the best. If you invest in multiple SEO strategies, ROI is what you need to see which ones bring the best results. So, you can either decide to adjust your SEO strategy or dismiss those that are not so profitable. This is essential, especially for business models that rely on SEO for profit.

A woman explaining SEO strategy with graphs.
ROI can show you which marketing strategy is most effective.

What is ROI for SEO?

For SEO, there are different KPIs you can track and measure. From the number of visitors to conversion rates. But positive ROI is often the final measure of success. If you don’t calculate the ROI for your search engine optimization, it might be impossible to appropriately modify and plan your future strategies. It may often lead to misunderstanding, confusion, wrong decisions, and a desire to go for some less acceptable means to improve performance, such as spamming. That’s why it’s necessary to completely understand how to calculate ROI to avoid risky actions and steps that may hurt your SEO efforts in the long run.

The obstacles of measuring ROI for different businesses

The universal formula for calculating ROI is “(Gain from Investments – Cost of Investments)/Cost of Investments“. But the problem is that SEO doesn’t always give you completely accurate numbers. If you have an eCommerce business, revenue calculations will be easier mostly because you can connect the exact monetary values with different factors, like sold products. Once you know the right numbers, the rest is easy. But for businesses that rely on lead generation, it’s a bit more complex.

Calculating the investment first

The first step is to determine the costs of your SEO investments. In most cases, there are four major types of expenses:

  • Costs of your in-house SEO – this includes salaries, hourly and daily rates for personnel.
  • SEO agency costs – usually monthly rates you pay if you hire an agency to manage your SEO.
  • Costs of investing in tools – often overlooked; they include licensing for software and other tools you use for your SEO efforts.
  • Paid advertising costs – the amount you are spending on AdWords, PPC, and similar paid plans.

Sum of all these costs will give you the right picture of how much you invest in your SEO. However, remember that these numbers may differ on a monthly basis.

Calculating the ROI for SEO

Now that you know the investment costs, it’s time to calculate ROI. As we have said above, it’s different for eCommerce businesses that rely on on-site purchases and lead generation businesses that rely on off-site purchases. But in both cases, to measure ROI on your SEO efforts, you need to track conversions, for example.

Conversion for eCommerce

Because buying is conducted on the website, eCommerce calculation can be pretty straightforward. First, you will determine the amount of revenue you get from each conversion. Since you sell various products, you will need the average value. Second, take the number of visits and see what the average conversion rates are. Multiply the number of visits with the percentual conversion rate and with the average revenue. From the final number, you need to deduct investments, and that’s pretty much it.

  • Visits x Conversion rate x Average revenue – Investments = ROI
Exchanging a bag with products for a credit card through monitors.
For businesses that sell products online, it’s much easier to determine SEO ROI.

Conversion for lead generation

The problem with lead generation businesses is that even though the transaction is off-site, the interest is still generated online. They rely on ranking positions and the number of visitors, even if they don’t sell anything online. This further complicates measuring mainly because not every lead is necessarily a monetary transaction. However, you can estimate the values by assigning the average revenue to each lead. For this, you will need to first see how many leads convert to sales. Then calculate the average value for each sale. And then determine what the average value for each lead would be. In the end, subtract the cost of investment from the approximate sum of all leads, and that will give you an approximate ROI.

How often to measure SEO’s ROI?

ROI for SEO should be measured monthly, especially for lead generation models, so that you can compare the results. Other than that, in the case of eCommerce businesses, it can be spread to quarterly and yearly calculations. It all depends on how soon you expect to see the results from your SEO. However, since SEO takes time to show the first results, you probably won’t see any significant progress in the first couple of months.

Visualized statistical data about ROI for the SEO campaign.
Once the initial period is over, you should regularly measure your SEO ROI.

How to be sure your SEO ROI is good?

SEO ROI depends a lot on the type of business. Since each business is different, you can’t expect to see similar results for each business. Some companies might also be investing a lot more into their SEO, while others don’t. In addition, the price of different products or services often makes it impossible to compare them with each other. The best way to determine if your SEO is successful is to measure and compare the results for your business over several consecutive months.

No matter what type of business you run, taking the time to measure Return on Investment on your SEO efforts is worthwhile. Numerous tools can help you get insight into different metrics to see how successful your SEO is. Once you have the data about traffic, conversion rates, and other KPIs, it will be much easier to calculate if your ROI is good or not. It will give you the chance to adjust your strategies or redirect your investment to where they are needed the most.


Google maps on a laptop

On-page Strategies to Improve Your Local SEO

Google maps on a laptop

On-page Strategies to Improve Your Local SEO

Getting a lot of traffic to your website is great – you want to be visible online, after all. But not all traffic is equally valuable. For example, if you are running a small business in the service industry that only operates in Brooklyn, then a website visit from Japan won’t be as important as one from New York. So how do you target potential customers in your area? The answer is a specific type of search engine optimization – local SEO. It is a way to get better rankings in local searches that are more likely to lead to conversion. You can improve your local SEO in many different ways that include both on-page and off-page practices. But you have to start somewhere, and on-page strategies are the easier and quicker option. So how can you optimize your content for local searches specifically?

What is local SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO refers to all the actions you take to make your website more visible in search engine results relevant to your niche. SEO can be incredibly helpful for a business, especially one that’s just starting out and needs to get the word out there. But a wide variety of practices fall under SEO, including things like your website structure, the keywords you choose to use in your content, the way you market yourself on social media, and more. So unless you plan on dedicating a lot of time and effort to SEO, you should consult the experts in this field to achieve the best possible results.

Person looking up a business on Google Maps.
Local SEO will put you on the map – literally.

But just being seen is not enough – you need to be seen by the right people. This usually means people who live or work in your area. These are the people who are most likely to purchase your goods or use your services, especially if you’re running a small and local business. To ensure that these people find your website, you need local SEO. Local SEO refers specifically to SEO practices that ensure your business appears in local searches.

Why do you need to improve your local SEO?

It is easier to rank for local searches than global ones. By ranking locally, you can attract more traffic, which can help your overall rankings and even resolve ranking drops. But the main advantage of local SEO is actually attracting traffic that is most likely to convert. The people who search specifically for local businesses are typically ready to spend money on goods and services – they just need to find a suitable place for it. On the other hand, people who search for more general terms are usually just looking into various offers. They are much less likely to shop at your business immediately. Therefore, by focusing on SEO, you can even improve your sales.

How can you improve your local SEO with on-page strategies?

SEO practices are typically divided into three types: technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO. Technical SEO is about making your website easier for search engine bots to crawl and index. Off-page SEO includes the things you do on other websites to improve your ranking – this involves backlinks and social media, for example. Finally, on-page SEO is the optimization of the content on your own website. Since on-page SEO practices are entirely up to you, they’re pretty easy to implement. This makes them an excellent place to start when improving your local SEO.

Person looking up businesses on a map
Use SEO to help potential customers find you.

Localize your website

The first thing you should do is to put your location and contact information on the website. Ensure this information is visible and easily accessible – use your sidebar or footer to separate it from the rest of the content on your home page. Include your contact information on relevant pages like the about section as well. It’s imperative to be consistent: you want all your customers to see the same company name, address, phone number, and email regardless of where on the website they notice it.

Create content relevant to your location

Ask just about anyone what SEO is, and they’ll probably start talking about optimized content. There’s a good reason for this: quality content is still one of the most important parts of an optimized website. And in the case of local SEO, quality content means localized content. To attract local users, you’ll want to:

  • write about topics of interest to the locals (if you’re located in Florida, for example, beach activities are a better topic than tips on how to shovel snow)
  • create location-specific pages (make a page for every location where you operate in order to rank for each of them)
  • use location-specific keywords (if you own a spa in Seattle, for example, don’t just use Thai massage as a keyword – use Thai massage in Seattle)

Optimize your website for mobile and voice searches

A disproportionately high percentage of local searches come from mobile devices. This is because people will frequently be looking for local businesses that fulfil their needs when they’re already on the go. For the same reason, you’ll get more voice searches – people on the move often find it easier to speak into their devices than to type out their searches. To reach these users, you’ll need to adjust to their needs. That means optimizing for mobile and optimizing for voice searches.

Person recording into a phone
Optimizing for voice search will help you in the future.

Optimizing for mobile is a must for every website today. More than half of all searches come from mobile devices. Furthermore, Google implements mobile-first ranking. So even when the search isn’t coming from mobile, your mobile website will still be examined. Given all that, there’s simply no excuse not to optimize for mobile. Make sure your website loads fast, use a responsive theme, and check that your pages can be navigated on a small touch screen.

Voice searches are the future of search engines, so you want to get in on them early to give yourself a headstart. Optimize your content for the more conversational style of spoken searches. This will include using longer keywords and accounting for typical question words (like what, how, or why). To get the best of both worlds, combine traditional keywords with longer, voice search-specific ones.

Other ways to improve your local SEO

On-page strategies are not the only way to improve your local SEO. In fact, they work best when combined with off-page practices. So you’ll want to optimize your off-page presence for local searches too. Start by listing your address and contact information on all your social media profiles. Then, set up a Google My Business profile to put yourself on the map. You’ll also want to get listed in local directories and review websites. Finally, encourage your customers to leave reviews for your business. The vast majority of people are influenced by reviews when making purchasing decisions. Positive reviews are, therefore, essential for attracting a local clientele.

Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Heritage Watch Honors Brand Founder

Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Heritage Watch Honors Brand Founder

Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Heritage Watch Honors Brand Founder
From JustLuxe content husband or wife iW Magazine.

As we observed very last week, Parmigiani Fleurier celebrated the 70th birthday of its founder, watchmaker Michel Parmigiani, with a seventy-piece limited version steel Toric Heritage watch in honor of the first watch he made.


The new Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Heritage, a constrained edition of 70.

The new watch’s blue dial is embellished with eye-catching, radiating Grain d’Orge guilloché, a sample also uncovered on the gold rotor. Inside of, the in-household COSC-certified Caliber PF441 features two barrels and seven hand-beveled bridges.


As is typical with Parmigiani Fleurier, the motion inside the 42.8mm metal-cased observe is finished to haute horlogerie expectations, with Côtes de Genève stripes, spiral-wound and circular-graining on the plates by yourself. The watch’s stable 22-karat rose gold rotor, noticeable by means of the apparent sapphire caseback, attributes the same Grain d’Orge guilloché engraving found on the dial.


The watch’s reliable 22-karat rose gold rotor, noticeable via the very clear sapphire caseback, features the very same Grain d’Orge guilloché engraving viewed on the dial.

The Founder

The organization selected to echo its founder’s to start with enjoy in massive aspect since the Toric design and style (which was up to date in 2017) reflects Michel Parmigiani’s individual background and interests.

Michel Parmigiani was born in the Swiss canton of Neuchatel and grew up with a devotion to both equally watchmaking and architecture. He has described the Toric case as a structure inspire by the famed Fibonacci mathematical sequence and by the Golden Ratio that has encouraged countless numbers of decades of artwork and architecture.


Toric selection sketch by Michel Parmigiani.

According to Parmigiani, each individual facet of the Toric’s style and design starts off with the Golden Ratio, together with the connection in between the fingers, the fluted angles in the crown, the length-to-width ratios, the charge of curvature of the lugs as they taper absent from the scenario, even the caseback layout and placement of the sapphire crystal.

While he opted to formally study watchmaking (at the Val-de-Travers watchmaking university in the La Chaux-de-Fonds Technicum) Parmigiani started out his vocation restoring historical clocks, pocket watches and related objects. Amid the customers who came to Michel for restoration and routine maintenance was Switzerland’s Sandoz Relatives Foundation, which owned a considerable selection of historical automata and clocks.


Michel Parmigiani was in the 4th calendar year of his watchmaking experiments in 1967, when this photograph was taken.

Parmigiani inevitably founded his own restoration workshop, attracting a record of haute horlogerie customers that also integrated the Patek Philippe museum.

“I try to remember sensation a bit like a pariah, beginning this adventure versus all assistance,” Parmigiani suggests in a push launch. “Restoring antique timepieces saved me from nihilism. Performing, as I was during this interval, on so lots of wonders from occasions absent by, produced the concept that traditional watchmaking could vanish absolutely unthinkable to me. Restoration gave me the confidence I required to pursue my watchmaking goals, irrespective of the naysayers.”


Parmigiani Fleurier headquarters in Fleurier.

The Sandoz foundation inspired Parmigiani to make his possess observe brand­– with their complete guidance. This was the commencing of Parmigiani Fleurier, which launched in 1996.

These days, Parmigiani Fleurier encompasses 5 specialized Swiss companies. Every single of the factories also provides elements for other haute horlogerie clientele, such as La Montre Hermès, the watchmaking division of the celebrated French leather-based products home, which is a co-owner of the Vaucher motion company.

Parmigiani Fleurier will make seventy illustrations of the new Toric Heritage enjoy. Value: $17,700.


The movement within the 42.8mm steel-cased check out is completed to haute horlogerie expectations.

Specs: Parmigiani Fleurier Toric Heritage

(Ref. PFC909-0000300-HA3282, a confined version of 70).

Circumstance: 42.8mm by 10mm polished steel, sapphire crystal and back again, independently numbered, 30-meters of water resistance.

Dial: Blue Grain d’Orge guilloché, indexes are rhodium-plated 18-karat gold, javelin-formed palms with luminescent coating.

Motion: In-house PF441 computerized, two barrels, 28,800 vph, 55-hour energy reserve, 22-karat reliable gold rotor with guilloche complete.

Strap:  Hermès Abyss Blue alligator strap with steel folding clasp.

Price tag: $17,700.


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"Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" Rapper Silento Arrested for Murder in Shooting Death of Cousin

“Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” Rapper Silento Arrested for Murder in Shooting Death of Cousin

Atlanta rapper Silento—best acknowledged for his strike tune “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” together with the dance fad associated with it—was arrested in Dekalb County, Georgia on murder charges soon after currently being accused of shooting and killing his cousin.

The 23-year-outdated (whose true identify is Ricky Lamar Hawk) was taken into law enforcement custody Monday (Feb. 1) and booked into the Dekalb County jail on a single rely of murder in the taking pictures demise of 34-calendar year-old Frederick Rooks, police explained.

Authorities reportedly responded to a phone about pictures fired in the Panthersville place about two months ago (Jan. 21) all over 3:30 a.m. and discovered Rooks useless in the center of the avenue with several gunshot wounds. Law enforcement explained they uncovered at the very least 8 bullet casings encompassing Rooks.

Ring digicam footage from neighbors recorded quite a few cars and trucks leaving the scene after the taking pictures, and investigators later on connected the incident to Silento.

Investigators reportedly imagine the taking pictures sufferer (Rooks) realized the people of the property where his human body was found immediately after the capturing, but they’re however trying to set the pieces together with regards to the incident.

“I believe it is related to this house,” DeKalb law enforcement Lt. Rod Bryant mentioned at the time. “We’re however performing a small little bit a lot more investigation. The men and women in the home know him, but he really never stay there, so we’re trying to see what is going on.”

At first, investigators had no details about the capturing suspect, “However, following a thorough investigation, DKPD detectives identified Hawk as Rooks’ cousin, and the human being liable for Rooks’ murder,” police spokeswoman Michaela Vincent claimed in a assertion.

Vincent added that detectives are even now doing the job to establish a motive for the taking pictures.


Silento, who rose to fame as a teenage rap sensation again in 2015 thanks to his “Watch Me” online video, which has been viewed almost 2 billion moments on YouTube, has been arrested multiple times in new months, including two arrests inside of 1 week back in August 2019 on domestic violence and gun prices in California.

In late Oct, he was arrested for rushing on I-85 right after law enforcement caught him driving much more than 140 mph on I-85.

The law enforcement report stated that Silento informed officers he was speeding mainly because he was remaining adopted. He reported: “If there is like 10 cars and trucks next me, I can do 143 because I am not a standard individual, and you could go search on your personal computer and it would notify you that.”

And just just one thirty day period earlier, in September 2019, he was arrested for alleged domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon in two independent incidents in Orange County and Los Angeles.

According to reports, Silento was taken into law enforcement custody just after anyone noted a domestic disturbance and he was booked and unveiled on a charge of inflicting a corporal injuries on a husband or wife or cohabitant.

The future working day, he went to a random residence with a hatchet and entered the strangers’ residence whilst seeking for his girlfriend. Investigators explained the owners and their little ones were at residence at the time and were being shaken by the intrusion, but unharmed.

Silento was arrested by LAPD officers about a block absent from the house and afterwards billed with two counts of assault with a lethal weapon.

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11 things to enjoy in Santorini

Santorini is a great destination for holidays for most people and now you can explore the whole island with Santorini Private Tour. In our article there are 11 things to enjoy in Santorini.

1. Enjoy the sunset from the Byzantine Castle of Oia

Santorini is world famous for its magical sunset, and the best place to enjoy it is the ruins of the Byzantine Castle in Oia. Of course, this place is quite popular among travelers, so you should push to find a place. Arrive relatively early, 30-40 minutes before sunset, so you can take a seat and enjoy the sunset.

2. Watch a movie at the summer cinema in Kamari

For movie lovers, but also those who love the nostalgic experience of summer cinema and want to experience it on vacation, this is one of the things to do in Santorini.

3. Walk from Fira to Oia

If you enjoy hiking, this option is perfect for you. On the way from Fira (the central part of the city) to Oia (the northern part), you will find beautiful white buildings and blue calderas. The route is 9 km and lasts 3 hours, depending on how many breaks you will need to take.

In summer it is good to take several breaks, since in the summer months the heat can become unbearable and the road has no shade. One of the best things to do in Santorini, if you are a fan of adventure.

4. Swim at Red Beach

Red Beach is a unique experience because it gives the visitor the feeling that it is on a beach on the planet Mars. Also, it is an incredibly picturesque beach and swimming in it is among the things you have to do in Santorini. Enjoy the red rocks and the dark sand.

5. Enjoy wine tasting at Santo Winery

What many do not know is that Santorini is known for its wine production, and is home to some of the finest wines in the country! If you are a fan of good wine and want to live a different experience, visit the Santo Thera Products Cooperatives Association, founded in 1947. Sit on the outdoor terrace and enjoy your wine accompanied by wonderful finger food. It is undoubtedly one of the best things to do on the island.

6. Visit the ancient ruins at Akrotiri

Those who love history will love the archeological site in Akrotiri. There you will see what is left of the ancient villages after the eruption of the volcano that swept the whole city. It is one of the best things to do in Santorini, and is recommended to guides from all over the world. It is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the entire Aegean.

7. Visit the Emporio village

During the Venetian occupation it was the commercial and economic center of Santorini. Today it is one of the most interesting villages on the island, especially from an architectural point of view. Emporio is located in the southern part of Thira, very close to the beaches of Perivolo and Perissa. The exploration of the castle will be very enjoyable for you.

8. Try local flavors

It would be a tragic mistake to go to Santorini and not try its wonderful local dishes. It is one of the top gastronomic destinations in the Aegean for its own food, as well as for the restaurants and taverns with the special decoration and the unique view. There are taverns and restaurants for all pockets, but it needs searching and attention because it is very possible to choose the wrong tavern and pay very dearly for a not so good meal. To be sure that your money and experience will be worth it, choose places with award-winning chefs.

9. Go diving

Perhaps only diving enthusiasts can appreciate the uniqueness of such an experience. The seabed in Santorini is anything but ordinary. In addition to its rich underwater treasures, such as redfish, colorful sponges or sea slugs with its wonderful colors, you will have the opportunity to admire volcanic rocks, unique in the Mediterranean.

10. Swim in Monolithos beach

You have probably heard that Santorini is not famous for its beaches. However, there are some exceptions to the rule, one of which is the sea of Monolithos, which you will find on the way to the airport. It has wild waters, but it can satisfy all tastes. Part of it is organized, with sunbeds, beach bars and taverns, while as you go it becomes more isolated, for you who love peace and want to enjoy your bath at no cost.

11. Visit tomato museum

Every day, with a ticket payment, there are guided tours of the old tomato factory that now operates as a museum. The tour is short and not at all tedious, while at the end you can watch a video with testimonies of people who once worked there. If you want to extend your visit, there is a café where you can try tomato juice or other specialties as well as tomato cheesecake.

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A brief history of search engine optimization


A brief history of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the most important elements of every website. It is what helps your website climb in rank and get to the first page of Google. Furthermore, it makes your business visible to online customers and enables you to get traffic, conversions, and much more. The evolution of SEO has made substantial progress during the last decade. So, let’s look at a brief history of search engine optimization to understand more about how it has developed into what it is today and get a better insight into what it may become in the next ten to twenty years.

Let’s travel back in time to when it all started

The first website appeared in 1991, almost 30 years ago. With it, the roots of search engine optimization slowly started to spread everywhere on the internet. Websites began to multiply in numbers at a rapid pace. As that was happening, a need for some form of structure and organization was born.

With the appearance of the search engine called Excite in 1994, the way we processed online information completely changed. It launched in the next two years, and soon Yahoo, Alta Vista, and other search engines joined in the party.

However, real progress happened in 1996, with the invention of BackRub, one of the most famous search engines of all time. Sergey Brin and Larry Page invented it, and in 1997, they registered it as a domain with a name we all know and love today – Google!

We can safely say that this was the revolutionary period for the future development of keyword research, user intent, on-page and off-page optimization, and many other pivotal elements of search engine optimization we use today.

How SEO looked in the old days

If we look at the current search engine optimization rules, they have developed and become a complex formula that consists of various elements. Each important in its own way, they create a combination of rules all websites must follow. Furthermore, those rules change quickly, and it takes more and more to stay at the top.

However, SEO in the old days looked a lot different than today. It was very simple and loose in terms of requirements. A huge downside is that it could be exploited in many ways by hackers. There were no measures to prevent spam and dirty tactics, so it was easier to climb in rank.

But then, things got better!

As it always happens, pioneers in technological development always get a huge head-start over the competition. Google saw an opportunity and took it. Their lead engineers started developing an algorithm focused on rewarding quality over “other approaches.” Users and relevant content were placed in the spotlight of all happening.

In this considerable time period, there were hundreds, if not thousands, of changes to the advanced algorithm used today. Each one improved it by a small percentage, making it more perfect and more complex.

The key takeaway from all of those changes was that the progress required time. Cutting corners and trying to achieve greatness overnight never gave lasting results.

Search Engine Strategies conference

The first SES conference was held in 1999. The demand for understanding search engine optimization was high, and marketers all around the world needed information. Search marketing was placed in a distant corner, completely forgotten, and someone had to take the dust off of it.

Since then, the conference was successfully held by different companies and presenters until 2016, when it was shut down. However, it allowed people to learn about the use of SEO and develop their skills simultaneously to keep up with the changes.

How Google used its SEO algorithm to become the number 1 search engine in the world

The majority of the other search engines used simpler factors to rank websites. They focused on the domain name, on-page optimization, and presence in web directories to give a higher rank to websites.

Google’s new algorithm focused on information retrieval. They valued both on-page and off-page elements, link building, anchors, and content quality. The unspoken motto of their strategy was “if someone talks about you, you must be important”.

Seeing how this advanced technology was something completely different, the leader at the time, Yahoo, decided to partner with Google in 2000. All of the search results on Yahoo had a small message that said: “Powered by Google.”

Although this seemed like an excellent strategic move, it was everything that Google needed to take the number 1 position from Yahoo. They got enough publicity and exposure to all of Yahoo’s clients and slowly turned them into loyal Google followers. That’s how the Google revolution started. Furthermore, they soon added Google Toolbar to Internet Explorer so everyone could see their rank.

The need for modern SEO strategies was born

The next step Google took to continue expanding the use of SEO was to launch Google AdSense, providing a way to monetize internet publishing. It was a massive boom in 2003, but it actually created many problems for Google in the long run.

As soon as a new way to earn money gets into the light of the day, there will be people who will find ways to exploit it to make easy income. That was the birth of spammy websites with copied content, made only with a purpose to rank high, consequently getting a lot of clicks and earning money. This resulted in many website rankings going down as they tried to find solutions to fix this problem.

SEO today

If looking for ways to boost SEO today, there is an array of possibilities in front of you. You need to publish relevant content, build quality backlinks, work on metadata, use proper tags and attributes. Furthermore, citations are something you should work on since they can give you bonus SEO points.

None of these strategies existed back then. SEO today developed in so many ways, and it values presence, quality, and activity above all.

How a brief history of search engine optimization affects the SEO of the future

As mentioned before, a brief history of search engine optimization teaches us that significant progress requires baby steps. The problems of yesterday needed a solution, and it presented itself. It is safe to say that the future of SEO lies in solving the issues of today:

  • the lack of voice search optimization
  • content duplication and plagiarism
  • the low-quality mobile experience
  • non-search-friendly images
  • bad redirects
  • slow loading speed
  • messy URL addresses
  • data structure issues

All of these things need improvement, and the answers to these issues will give us an approximate view of what the future of SEO may bring to the table.


Types of Google ranking drops and how to handle them


Types of Google ranking drops and how to handle them

When was the last time you checked the second page of Google results? If you’re anything like most people, the answer is probably somewhere between never, and so long ago I don’t remember. We assume the most relevant results are the ones that Google gives priority to. This is why as much as 30% of traffic goes to the top-positioned result, so that is the place you want your website to be! But what happens when you achieve that position and then lose it? How is that even possible? Why do Google ranking drops happen? And more importantly, how do you fix them?

Sometimes, Google ranking drops are caused by unpredictable developments out of your control

Unfortunately, search engine optimization is not the most straightforward and exact science. Hard-and-fast rules are rare – most of the time, we’re talking about guidelines, advice, and best practices. This is in large part because your Google ranking doesn’t just depend on you. It will sometimes change due to factors out of your control (such as the behaviour of other web administrators and users).


Outranked by a competitor

Sometimes, you do everything right, and you still fall on the search results page. This is, of course, because you are not the only one optimizing your website. Your competitors will be doing the same thing. And sometimes, they are simply better at it than you are. This causes them to climb up in the search results and your website to fall behind.

  • What to do: First, check whether the drop is for specific keywords or across the board. If it’s only for certain pages, this isn’t a problem. But if the same competitors are overtaking you for multiple keywords, you should look into what they’re doing differently. Are there any website updates they’re implementing? Specific practices for content optimization? Whatever it is, you should probably try doing it as well.

User behaviour

It’s questionable how much user behaviour directly affects SEO rankings. However, metrics of that behaviour such as bounce rates and time-on-site certainly play a role. When users start behaving differently en masse, you might see a change in rankings because people are searching for and choosing relevant content differently. A few years ago, for example, you could get away without listing your business on Google Maps. But these days, Google Maps is a fundamental app for finding local businesses, and without a profile on it, your positioning will be much worse.

  • What to do: If you notice your click-through rates are down, the reason might be the changes in user behaviour. You should invest in some updated market research and see what your users are looking for and how right now. Then, adjust your marketing strategy to those changes.

Backlink losses

SEO isn’t just about your own content; it includes both on-page and off-page practices. This means that sometimes, what other people do with their websites can have an impact on yours. If you have backlinks on another page and that page suddenly stops linking to your site, you’ll lose SEO points.

  • What to do: Follow the status of your backlinks using tools like SEOSpyGlass. The sooner you notice something is wrong, the easier it’ll be to contact the site’s web administrator and resolve the issue with them to re-implement your backlinks.

Sometimes, the search engine itself is the reason for Google ranking drops

Google and other search engines are continually evolving. To provide users with the best possible experience, they are often changing things up and introducing new search parameters. Depending on the scope of these changes, they can have severe effects on your rankings.


Algorithm changes

Tweaks and updates to algorithms are just what Google does. Often, they won’t significantly impact your rankings, but some significant changes will. And unfortunately, there is not much you can do about it. You can’t predict or prevent algorithm changes or their effects. The best you can do is follow the news of when they happen and adjust your SEO practices to the new normal.

Updates to the search engine results page

Similar to algorithm changes, changes to the search engine results page are unpredictable and inevitable. Google will do what it can to make searches easier for users, adding rich snippets, lists, and FAQs. You will simply need to adapt. Luckily, serious changes to the SERP are pretty rare.

Sometimes, your own choices are to blame for Google ranking drops

While your SEO ranking does depend on the actions of others, your actions are still vital to your positioning. Most of the time, your SEO practices help your website climb on Google results – after all, that’s why you optimize your content. But there are times when what you do can cost you.

Manual penalties due to poor SEO practices

There are a lot of ways to practice search engine optimization. Some of them, specifically those that negatively impact user experience, are frowned upon by Google. We call those practices grey hat and black hat SEO. These include link spamming, plagiarism, unnatural backlinks, unnecessary redirections, and more. If Google figures out you’ve been engaging in this, your rankings can drop by tens of positions.

  • What to do: Rely on white hat SEO only, and you’ll avoid being penalized!

Site changes

Any major change to your website will cause a fluctuation in ratings, even if it’s a necessary one. Redesigning, reorganizing, and switching from HTTP to HTTPS URLs can all negatively affect your rankings. Updates like this can affect everything from website speed to link structure. And even a minor misstep in this process can be catastrophic for rankings.

  • What to do: Google Search Console (under Index>Coverage) will show you what exactly the problem is. You can then opt for one of two options: either restore an older version of your website or keep the update but fix the issue (the choice will depend on the issue and the importance of the website update).


Mobile optimization

With the constant developments in technology, the way we access the internet has changed. In recent years, more and more people have started using mobile devices for their online activities. This has caused Google to prioritize those pages that work better on mobile (especially when the search is being performed on such a device). If your website is not optimized for mobile use, this can hurt your rankings; when a competitor optimizes for mobile, they’re likely to overtake you. Luckily, the solution is simple: optimize your website for mobile devices, and you’ll have no issues.

Google ranking drops are not always what they seem – check the accuracy of your data before you panic

It’s imperative to be able to identify actual Google ranking drops because your Google position isn’t always constant. It’s perfectly normal to have (minor and temporary) ups and downs in rankings. This is so common that it even has a name – the Google dance. So make sure that the changes you’re seeing are both profound and more permanent before you embark on a pointless crusade of fixing issues that aren’t there.

Read more about SEO:

Two Chances For Consumer Trust in Luxury Industries

Two Chances For Consumer Trust in Luxury Industries

A the latest webinar for gurus in luxury industries saw an on line attendance of fifty-five executives. The subject at hand was the very same issue that is plagued the 1st two quarters of 2020: what does the COVID-19 disaster indicate for these industries? By now, predictions have pointed to a staggering 600 billion dollar gross sales drop, a appreciably even worse hand than was dealt in 2008.

And nevertheless, a write-up convention poll on the executives’ anticipations regarding the impact of COVID-19 on their organizations returned these outcomes: 10% felt the crisis would be negative, 24% were unsure, and a whopping 64% envisioned positive alter.

Watershed gatherings like COVID-19 accelerate the good and the poor. Tech entrepreneur and investor, Zain Jaffer has this to say about today’s current market, “Despair and hope dwell side by side, instability co-exists with good investments, and manufacturers are remaining made or damaged underneath strain. It is a sophisticated and ever-changing truth, one that’s not simply depicted by the amount of sales missing.” Continue to, there are some developments that are easy to see coming.

The current disaster will exaggerate the divide amongst the sector leaders and very last-position models. Businesses that are effectively established have robust shopper affinity, and they’ve gathered a larger margin for capital error. New or lesser acknowledged providers could depend on wholesalers that will not survive the pandemic, and may have their share of the market place swallowed up by superior regarded brands.


In addition, luxury companies with varied sale avenues will fare much better, as global marketplaces stabilize at distinct fees. Should Asia’s market see a faster return to activity than The usa, a company that’s present in equally markets is at a important gain for mitigating money circulation and maintaining functions in slower marketplaces afloat.

When these industry-old principles are guaranteed to unfold in the coming months, the COVID-19 marketplace remains anyone’s game. Client have confidence in is the crucial to achievement. It’s where by sales, stocks, and current market share start off. And these days, it can be won in two places.

Consumer Trust Via Social Very good

As realities of task, overall health, and food insecurities multiply nationwide, consumers want manufacturers to recognize and mirror the urgency of the times. Even large-conclude customers, for whom luxury industries remain economically available, are pairing their social values with their obtain conclusions. For brands, a healthier dose of providing again goes a long way, and a misstep can suggest the end of the road.

Take into consideration the recent selections by effectively-acknowledged industry leaders. Estée Lauder, giants in the luxury skin care sector, dispatched $5 million pounds in world and nearby grants, accelerated virtually $10 million worth of renewal grants to uplift grantee associates, and handed over their facilities for hand sanitizer manufacturing. Dolce & Gabbana are funding COVID-associated scientific tests, and Moncler is the maximum giver to day, donating $10.9 million toward the development of a new medical center in Milan.

At any scale, it’s clear that pounds are improved expended on enacting authentic planet transform, fairly than instilling urgency to acquire in the center of a crisis. But shallow philanthropy is about as obvious as lousy marketing — it is obvious to consumers which models are attuned to the plight of the pandemic, which corporations are maintaining in mind the communities that may be much more at danger. Brand names that sideline revenue and act to help where by they can are staying rewarded by buyers everywhere you go, in all sectors. Luckily, lending a assisting hand is both the ideal method for product sales and the greatest way to be compassionate and productive human beings.


Client Have confidence in As a result of Immersive Technological innovation

When Dior broadcasted a closed-door catwalk to millions of stay-time viewers across the world, a further important COVID-19 development was in motion: the move toward immersive digital encounters.

After internet use skyrocketed through the preliminary reduction in activity, each individual manufacturer moved their functions on line. Digital storefronts are dressed with great visuals, and checkout is by no means far more than a couple of clicks absent. But leaders in the luxurious field are going above and over and above, and the on line earth is heading 3D.

“3-Dimensional configuration know-how has proved to facilitate a greater e-commerce working experience businesses that have replaced 2D product or service shows with 3D demonstrations obtain a 40% greater conversion rate”, states Jaffer. Like all points tech, the innovation doesn’t close there.

Current findings state-of-the-art by Gartner, a major investigation and advisory firm, point out that 46% of shops prepare to include augmented truth (AR) or digital fact (VR) as component of their model encounters. In accordance to Gartner, it is likely to materialize within just the year. Even more, a predicted 100 million buyers will store in augmented truth, both on line or in-retail store, by the end of the yr.

AR and VR will immediately speed up consumer expectations for their substantial-stop model ordeals. Employed to aid personalized consider-ons, deliver participating consumer provider, or produce large-close marketing and advertising content in a new and impactful way, it will be an marketplace leap that additional separates frontier corporations from the relaxation.

COVID-19 is reshuffling the luxurious industries. Amid professionals, it is cause for hope and panic alike. Though some traits are predictable, surprise endings and unforeseen underdogs are certainly in retailer. The finest way to make sure the achievement of a luxury brand name is to spend in social good and superior-stop, immersive technologies. Soon after that, all which is left to do is play a clever hand.


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Two Chances For Consumer Trust in Luxury Industries

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Donald Trump Hospitalized & Having "Trouble Breathing" After Testing Positive for COVID-19

Donald Trump Hospitalized & Having “Trouble Breathing” After Testing Positive for COVID-19

1 of President Donald Trump’s advisers has exposed there is “reason for concern” soon after the president experienced “trouble breathing” even though getting admitted to Walter Reed Military Health-related Centre Friday night (Oct. 2) right after tests beneficial for the coronavirus.

CNN’s White Residence correspondent advised Anderson Cooper: “I talked to a Trump marketing campaign advisor a brief while ago that stated this is really serious. That the president has been obtaining some issues respiration, that he’s been pretty fatigued right now, quite exhausted.”

Though the White Household has remained mum with regards to the severity of Trump’s COVID-19 indicators and have reported that the president is accomplishing fine, officials reportedly exposed to CNN that the president’s condition is considerably additional significant than First Lady Melania Trump.

White Home officers verified the president is “fatigued,” but explained that his affliction is not deteriorating and the public shouldn’t be alarmed.

President Trump gave a “thumbs up” as he walked from the White Residence to Marine A single just before currently being airlifted to the healthcare facility Friday evening.

The White Property said Trump being admitted to the clinic was a “precautionary measure,” noting that “President Trump continues to be in great spirts, has gentle indicators, and has been working through the day,” and “Out of an abundance of warning … the President will be working from the presidential places of work at Walter Reed for the next couple of times.”

Trump tweeted early Friday morning that he and the 1st Girl experienced tested constructive for COVID-19 after it was exposed that they would be quarantining immediately after Trump’s adviser Hope Hicks analyzed constructive for the ailment.

“Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested favourable for COVID-19,” Trump wrote. “We will start our quarantine and recovery course of action instantly. We will get by this Jointly!”

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